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welcome to caelum terra music...

we provide management and consulting services to a select group of artists, writers and producers. the world of music and entertainment can be one of empty promises, slow (or no) follow up and strained relationships. our service model focuses on being high touch with our clients and simply doing what we say we'll do. if you're a bit jaded about life in the industry, we'd love to see if we can help.


we make simple promises, and keep them. it's important to me maintain a high level of candor and tact, transparency and honesty - and most importantly a "talent first" mentality.  we return all calls to our clients within 24 hours, no exceptions. if we miss that window for an unforseeable reason, we rebate back a portion of our contracted rate.


in today's world of consolidation and mega-agencies, we're the antithesis. they have some efficiencies to be sure, and many artists are rightly at home in that environment. i have many great relationships with them and harbor no ill will toward them - we just simply operate somewhat differently. we aren't for everyone, and that's okay. as a wise man once said, "it's the business you don't do that keeps you in business."


we're small, boutique, selective, responsive and invested in our clients' success.  think of caelum terra as the jerry maguire of the music business. it's not a memo... it's a mission statement.



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